Cuphead Sells Over 1 Million Copies Already On PC And Xbox One – GameSpot

The wait for Cuphead was a long one, first being featured during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in 2014–at which point it had already been in development for several years. Despite being on the market for just two weeks so far, the ultra-difficult action game has already reached a major sales milestone.

On its website today, developer StudioMDHR announced that Cuphead has gone platinum, having sold more than 1 million copies since launch. It did not provide any kind of breakdown between Xbox One and PC, which are the only two platforms Cuphead is available on currently.

“We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to deliver a game that remained true to our vision and we are both humbled and excited that so many people from around the world are playing Cuphead–it truly makes it all worth it,” wrote developers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.

Cuphead was developed and published by StudioMDHR with help from Microsoft, hence the current exclusivity. Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke with us about the game recently and admitted he hasn’t beaten Cuphead yet–but he has a good excuse. He also alluded to positive sales, though he didn’t get into any specifics at the time.

“I’m so happy for the studio,” he said. “They worked a long time on the game, and to have the success they’re having, selling very well, the reaction’s been great–it’s fantastic when those things come together, so it’s great.”

You can read more about the game in our Cuphead review and our exploration of why Cuphead’s art complements its gameplay. We’ve also got tips on how to achieve S-rank on Cuphead’s boss fights.

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Microsoft Says Xbox One X “Not for Everyone” – Geek

Microsoft is set to launch the Xbox One X on November 7. This $500 system promises to be “the most powerful console ever.” There is certainly a great deal of excitement for the device among the hardcore Xbox community. However, the console isn’t going to replace the Xbox One S. It exists for the enthusiast gamer who wants a beefier system. While Microsoft expects the Xbox One X to sell well, it recognizes the system doesn’t have universal appeal.

“Xbox One S will be the market leader for us. It’s the more affordable console. It plays all the same games,” said Xbox’s Phil Spencer to GameSpot at the Brazil Game Show. “It will be the console that sells.”

“Whether you’re on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV, you’re going to have a great experience. But it’s not for everybody. It’s like when we built the Xbox One Elite controller, we didn’t try to say to everybody, ‘If you need an extra controller, go buy the Elite controller.’ We sold a ton of those controllers. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there are also people where gaming is their number one hobby.

“Their number one form of entertainment, and we want to give them the very best experience. I’ve played games in true 4K with HDR, and they look fantastic. But it doesn’t mean everybody has to do that. So we’re giving gamers a choice. Whether we’ve pushed the innovation too far? It’s hard to do that with gamers. I guess we’ll see; I feel very confident in the product we have coming to market.”

Phil Spencer spoke about how the Xbox One S would be the this year’s best selling Xbox back in June. Both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X play the same games. Given a choice, most customers will purchase the $250 system over the $500 variant. Sure, games on Xbox One X will look and run better, but gaming on Xbox One S provides the same experience. System-wise, the Xbox is on solid footing. Now Xbox just needs a few more exclusives to make it even more enticing to consumers.

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Microsoft präsentiert Xbox One X Launch-Line-up mit einem ungewöhnlichen Trailer –

Games Inbox: Xbox One X upgrades, in defence of loot boxes, and publisher boycotts – Metro

Games Inbox: How many of your friends are getting an Xbox One X?
Xbox One X – what does your friendship circle make of it?

The evening Inbox highlights the problem of loot box doubles, as one reader wonders what Breath Of The Wild was like before the Switch.

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Comparatively successful

RE: Xbox One X hype. Going on my close friends and work colleagues, three people will be purchasing an X on day one. Which on the face of it doesn’t sound like a major endorsement for Microsoft’s 4K behemoth.

However, in the same circle of friends the hardware bought this year consists of just two PS4 Pros, one Xbox One S, and one Switch. So actually considering the high price of the X, then maybe that’s not a bad attach rate after all.

What’s interesting about these purchases (excluding the Switch and Xbox One S) is that all the X and Pro purchases are by people that already own an Xbox One/PlayStation 4 of some kind purely as an upgrade, no one has purchased the rival console.

I know it’s been said before that the X and Pro aren’t meant to have the mass market appeal but I’m genuinely surprised by the upsell rate that Microsoft and Sony have managed, or at least in my circle of friends. Maybe it’s because I was late to jump on this generation, so I’m not eager to upgrade or change as maybe some others are.

Do any readers have friends that are buying a Pro or X as their first console rather than an as an upgrade?
Animated Jak

Rewarding effort

Interesting and concerning article on the infamous loot boxes, GC.

I don’t have a problem with cosmetic ones but now it’s even affecting single-player difficulty it’s gone way too far.

I tend to play a game on easy the first time just to enjoy the adventure so the thought of additional difficulty spikes just to get me to pay extra?! Forget it!

In my current financial situation I don’t have much money for gaming so I certainly don’t want to be paying extra just to be able to complete a game without too much stress. I just don’t have the money, so the idea of these single-player loot boxes will affect what games I buy.

I don’t personally get the thrill of opening a box compared with actually earning something. I remember with Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode on PlayStation 2 you had to get a 5 star rating with every character on every map to unlock the Hand Cannon to use in the main game. It took a lot for me to do it but when I did I felt so rewarded. Gaming has changed a lot since then and not all for the better.
LastYearsModel09 (PSN ID)

Single-player only

The concept of loot boxes has concerned me more and more the past years. Not-So-Mini-WoD has squeezed me for a few pounds on various games – and the value for money aspect (or lack of) and the random nature of a lot of this has sullied the games for me as a result.

I was already a little concerned about Battlefront II but did have it on pre-order, but after the article have cancelled it – just a shame there was no ‘why did you cancel’ text box to leave a comment on the reason for the cancellation. I may pick the game up down the line when prices have dropped for the campaign but would expect the multiplayer to be near impossible for me to catch up on by then…no great shakes, I was really hoping they would have given some expanded VR support for the game this time, so it is just the campaign for me.

Separate subject: The Wii U version of Breath of the Wild is brilliant, fantastic game… but there’s something that winds me up here as well. The fact that due to the Switch we are playing a curtailed version of the game and not the definitive one where the controller would have had more functionality. Did GameCentral ever play an early version of the game on the Wii U to see how the controller would have/should have been integrated in the game? Still a fantastic game, but shame we will never play it as it was intended…

GC: Yes, but the Wii U demo was only the first 20 minutes of the game, so you never got to see much. It was clear that the Shekiah slate was meant to be an in-game representation of the GamePad though, which makes it fairly easy to guess how it would’ve worked.

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Case for the defence

I’d like to offer an opposing opinion on loot boxes and their effect on gaming. As a preface, I do not buy loot crates but have bought the occasional expansion pass, Destiny 2 being the most recent.

The main crux of the argument appears to be being coerced into parting with more money to overcome game mechanics intentionally designed to hold the player back. I personally don’t see this as the case in the most common examples of Shadow Of War and Battlefront II.

I’m currently playing through Shadow Of War and am yet to reach the much discussed endgame difficulty spike. Hearing of a such a spike did not shock me as uneven difficulty pacing has been a feature of video games since time immemorial. Usually, difficulty problems receive a one-paragraph mention in reviews and the player resigns themselves to a bit of grind to hurdle that section of the game.

It seems that the presence of optional loot crates has suddenly made the above completely unacceptable. I would wager that this is partly psychological; simply knowing you can pay to make the game easier is lessening player’s enjoyment as they refuse to part with the money to do so. I believe, had the option not been there, gamers would have pushed through the end and mentioned to others in later discussion, ‘Yeah, the game was great but the end was a bit too hard’.

On top of that, the option to pay to make a game easier has always existed in gaming; strategy guides and the Nintendo Hotline being prime examples.

In regards to Battlefront II, I would first remark that we have only played an early beta and do not know if the character progression will work in the same fashion in the full release.

Having said that, I played the beta on and off over both the closed and open periods and at no time found myself disadvantaged compared to another player by anything other than my own skill (except when Darth Maul came out, but that’s another story…).

For Battlefield II, I feel the real issue is randomised progression and I’m sure that’ll be picked up in the reviews. Knowing EA, if the backlash is strong enough they’ll patch in a better progression system down the line.

In summary, the mechanics which loot crates are designed to overcome either: a) have been present in the video game industry since its inception or b) are simply bad mechanics which will be critically reviewed accordingly so players know before going in.

GC: Loot crates aren’t designed to overcome anything, they’re designed to make money. But you make some fair points. Although the issue with Shadow Of War, and any single-player game that includes loot boxes, is precisely that you can’t trust the difficultly level. Is the difficult spike at the end a genuine design decision or just an excuse to tempt people into buying loot boxes? It creates a level of distrust and uncertainty that is very concerning.

Anti-publisher policies

Thanks for your article on using loot boxes turning gaming into a gambling and advantage addiction.

Fully support your call to boycott these games and I was doing it anyway due to other despicable anti-consumer class war practices by horrible publishers and some bad developers too.

For example, I love Dishonored and bought that game three times. So you can imagine my excitement for Dishonored 2, but ever since Bethesda and Zenimax announced and implemented their anti-consumer late reviews policy, I have not touched Dishonored 2 at all. And will do so for Wolfenstein II, and The Evil Within 2, next Doom… and whatever game they release. Bethesda are my favourite publisher of games. What does that really matter when their contempt for gamers is so badly exposed?

I really hope critics and reviewers do their part more so, and make sure your score for these games get severely docked for horrid loot boxes that affect gameplay.

Dealing with doubles

Just like to state my views on the loot box situation and what I think should be done to win over those who doubt them.

While it is a good idea to implement these, and while I can see how they would be a great way to give gamers an extra added incentive, there is one issue that needs addressed and fixed fast by developers.

Those who buy loot boxes are at risk of getting the same in-game items again that they already purchased and as of such, it would just be a waste of their money and time. This could be countered with developers ensuring that loot boxes do not give the gamer the items they already own and would ensure that there would not be a risk of anyone buying the same content they already own. It would also ensure that a person’s money would not be wasted, but would make sure that there would not be any gambling involved and would save a lot of problems.

Also, developers could with loot boxes during the Christmas season give players some really good DLC included in the loot box to show gamers that their custom is appreciated and to act as a goodwill gesture.

Just my views on this and I warmly welcome anyone’s response.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

Squeaky clean

I’ve created an Xbox Live Club called Clean Racing League for anyone who wants good clean competitive racing without people ramming you off the track, cutting corners or other forms of cheating to win. If anyone is interested you can search for the group and ask to join or send me a message on Xbox Live.

A lot of us are playing Forza Motorsport 7 and Project CARS 2, with them being the two newest titles on Xbox One, but I am looking for players of older racing games as well such as the previous Forzas, including the Horizon subseries, Project CARS 1, Assetto Corsa, DiRT 4 and if anyone can think of other titles they play and want to find other people please let me know and I’ll add it to the list of relevant games.
Big Angry Dad82 (gamertag)

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The law is an ass

Along with yourselves, Eurogamer also had a very good article about the ins and outs of loot boxes and whether it is gambling or not. In the eyes of the law, apparently it is not considered gambling because the prizes you win have no intrinsic monetary worth and can’t be used outside the game.

This only goes to show how horribly outdated our laws and regulations are. There is plenty of evidence that these items have worth for lots of people. I can barely go 10 seconds of every Rocket League match I play before a message for ‘Trade?’ pops up.

Cash money itself has no real physical value, its value is dictated by our society and government. That all-round one pound coin you had last week will be a metal rock in your pocket by the end of the next one.
Via Eurogamer, the Gambling Commission states, ‘Where prizes are successfully restricted for use solely within the game, such in-game features would not be licensable gambling’.

Forgive me if I’m talking nonsense, but this sounds like casino gambling, but with the added restriction that you can never cash in your winnings (sorry, ‘prizes’). You can spend money on chips, you can earn some nice prizes, but the prizes can only be spent in the casino/game because then it’s not technically gambling.
It’s actually worse than regular gambling, because there is no reason or hope for the punter to leave. You can win a million, but that million can only be spent in the same casino.

Red Dead Redemption has a gambling warning from PEGI, Battlefront II does not. In Red Dead Redemption you are playing poker for pretend money, in Battlefront II you are playing Snakes and Ladders for the real deal.

Something needs to change.
SuoTempore (PSN ID)

Inbox also-rans

When’s you’re The Evil Within 2 review going to be published?

GC: Hopefully early next week.

It’s time to update… scowl, update over, another ruddy dashboard. What was wrong with the last one? Nothing! This is probably the worst one yet! Sighhhh, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Anyway, Mario’s here in a week or summat Wooooo!
big boy bent (gamertag)

GC: This sounds like an Xbox One complaint, but it hasn’t had a dashboard update this week?

This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader msv858 (Twitter), who asks what’s your favourite start to a video game?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a non-interactive intro or cut scene, the opening moments of the first level, or the whole thing, but what do you think is the most memorable and effective start to a game? How important is it that a game grabs you straight away, or are you okay with a slow burn?

How long does it take you to make a first decision about a game, and what’s the quickest you’ve ever given up on one? Conversely, what’s the quickest you’ve realised a game is a classic, and that you’re definitely going to love it?

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Retrocompatibilidade do Xbox original com Xbox One está próxima, diz Microsoft – Olhar Digital

Os jogos do Xbox original estão a caminho do Xbox One. De acordo com Phil Spencer, diretor da divisão de jogos da Microsoft, falta muito pouco para a retrocompatibilidade do primeiro console da empresa ser disponibilizada para os donos do Xbox One.

Durante a E3 2017, a Microsoft anunciou que adicionaria a compatibilidade do Xbox One com jogos do Xbox original, assim como já faz com o Xbox 360. Durante a BGS 2017, Phil Spencer afirmou que falta muito pouco para o recurso ser disponibilizado para os donos do console.

“Estamos muito, muito próximos”, disse Spencer se referindo ao lançamento do recurso em entrevista à GameSpot. Ele não deu uma data, mas garantiu que a Microsoft ainda pretende liberar a novidade até o fim do ano.

Spencer também sugeriu que a retrocompatibilidade vai ter recursos especiais no Xbox One X, a versão mais potente do console da Microsoft que será lançada em novembro. “Estamos discutindo algumas coisas sobre como a compatibilidade vai funcionar no Xbox One X especificamente e acho que as pessoas vão achar bastante interessante.”

Até o momento, apenas dois jogos do Xbox original foram confirmados para o One: “Crimson Skies” e “Fuzion Frenzy”. A Microsoft garante que mais títulos serão disponibilizados junto com o recurso, mas a lista deve ser menor do que a do Xbox 360.

Von wegen Xbox One X: Microsoft setzt auf eine andere Konsole – CHIP Online

Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer

Xbox One X: Microsoft enthüllt neue Konsole auf der E3
Mit der Xbox One X schickt Microsoft diesen Herbst eine Hardware-technisch starke Konsole ins Rennen. Die Marktführerschaft strebt man mit der Konsole aber offenbar nicht an. Vielmehr soll die Xbox One X ein Premium-Produkt für Hardcore-Spieler werden. Details dazu und alle weiteren Infos zur Xbox One X finden Sie hier in unserem News-Ticker.

Xbox One X für Premium-Kunden gedacht

bei 13.10.2017, 10:20 Uhr
Xbox-Chef Phil Spencer hat sich in einem Interview über die Zielgruppen der verschiedenen Xbox-Konsolen geäußert. Dabei gibt Spencer zu, dass sich die Xbox One X, die im November 2017 für 499 Euro erscheinen wird, mehr an eine Premium-Spielerschaft richten wird. Mit 499 Euro ist die Konsole im Vergleich eher teuer, bietet mit echter 4K-Unterstützung und einer Rechenleistung von 6 Teraflops aber starke Hardware. Spencer vergleicht die Xbox One X mit dem “Xbox Elite Controller”, der sich ebenfalls an eine kaufkräftige Premium-Zielgruppe unter den Spielern richtet.
Die Marktführerschaft strebt man dagegen mit der bereits erhältlichen Xbox One S an. Hierbei handelt es sich um die aufgebohrte Variante der Xbox One. “Das ist die erschwinglichere Konsole – sie unterstützt die gleichen Spiele”, äußert sich Spencer in einem Interview mit Gamespot. Man kann Spencers Äußerungen nun für eine realistische Einschätzung halten – oder für erste Erklärungsversuche und Ausreden, falls die Xbox One X floppt.

Xbox One X: Easter Egg im Inneren versteckt

06.10.2017, 17:58 Uhr
In gut einem Monat kommt die Xbox One X auf den Markt. Ein YouTuber hatte bei einem Besuch auf dem Microsoft-Campus in Seattle schon jetzt die Möglichkeit, einen Blick in das Innenleben der Konsole zu werfen.
Unter dem Gehäuse entdeckte der YouTuber abseits der vielen einzelnen Hardware-Komponenten ein interessantes Detail in einer der Ecken der Platine: Nämlich eine Miniatur-Version des aus “Halo” bekannten Master Chief, der auf einem Skorpion reitet. Wie das ganze aussieht, zeigt das nachfolgende Bild.

Xbox One X Easter Egg: Microsoft erinnert an Project Scorpio

Xbox One X: Das Innenleben der Konsole enthüllt das Easter Egg in Form des Master Chief, der auf einem Skorpion reitet
Xbox One X: Das Innenleben der Konsole enthüllt das Easter Egg in Form des Master Chief, der auf einem Skorpion reitet Bild: YouTube/unocero
Sowohl der Master Chief als auch der Skorpion werden von Microsoft keineswegs zufällig ausgewählt worden sein. Im Gegenteil: Kaum eine Spiel-Figur dürfte mehr mit Microsoft verbunden werden als der Master Chief, da die Rechte an der Halo-Reihe exklusiv beim Windows-Konzern liegen. Der Skorpion ist hingegen eine Hommage an den ursprünglichen Namen der Xbox One X, die vor der offizellen Präsentation auf den Namen “Project Scorpio” hörte.
So nett das Easter Egg auch sein mag – von einem möglichen Vorhaben, einmal das Innere der eigenen Konsole zu erkunden, sollten Sie unbedingt abgeraten, da dadurch in der Regel jegliche Garantieansprüche verfallen. Mehr Details über die Xbox One X sehen Sie im zugehörigen YouTube-Video, in dem auch die Entdeckung des besagten Easter Eggs (Minute 11:05) festgehalten ist.

Shop-Empfehlung für Microsoft Xbox One S Konsole 500GB

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Xbox One X: Konsole ab sofort vorbestellbar

21.08.2017, 06:51 Uhr
Microsofts neues Konsolen-Modell Xbox One X können nun auch Nutzer in Deutschland vorbestellen. Offiziell soll die Spielekonsole ab dem 7. November in den Handel kommen. Die ersten Kunden würden eine limitierte spezielle Edition namens “Project Scorpio” erhalten, sagte Microsoft-Manager Mike Nichols der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Der Softwarekonzern tritt mit dem neuen Modell gegen den Rivalen Sony an, der mit mehr als 60 Millionen verkauften PlayStation 4 mit Abstand Marktführer ist.
Die Xbox One X wird für Nutzer in Deutschland erstmals auf der Gamescom in Köln zu sehen sein, die am kommenden Dienstag offiziell von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel eröffnet wird. (dpa)

Xbox One X: Wann können Fans sie vorbestellen?

24.07.2017, 15.40 Uhr
Auf der E3 hatte Phil Spencer eigentlich alle Informationen zur Xbox One X preisgegeben. 499 Euro, 7. November 2017 ist sie verfügbar. Allerdings ist noch nicht klar, ab wann sie vorbestellbar ist.
Grund dafür soll eine fehlende Freigabe einer Behörde in den USA sein, schreibt “”. Diese muss das neue Gerät erst absegnen. Bei der Xbox One X soll das WLAN-Modul noch abgesegnet werden.
Inzwischen hat Spencer via Twitter aber die Freigabe bestätigt. Es ist somit zu rechnen, dass die Xbox One X bald vorbestellbar sein wird.

Xbox-Chef muss Verspätung dementieren

20.07.2017, 12:05 Uhr
Nach der E3 im Juni blieb es nun für längere Zeit ruhig um die kommende Microsoft-Konsole Xbox One X. Neues Bild- und Videomaterial ist eher Mangelware. Auch über einen für Fans wohl dringenden Punkt schweigt sich Microsoft weiter aus: Wann lässt sich die Xbox One X vorbestellen?
Informationen zu einem möglichen Datum gibt es weiterhin keine, sodass sogar Gerüchte über eine mögliche Verschiebung der Konsole die Runde machten – die wiederum von Xbox-Chef Phil Spencer höchstpersönlich via Twitter dementiert wurden. Das Release-Datum bleibt also der 07. November 2017.
Ein Hinweis, dass mit der Arbeit an der Xbox One X alles nach Plan läuft, ist ein Antrag Microsofts, der bei der amerikanischen Zulassungsbehörde für Kommunikationsgeräte FCC eingereicht wurde. Das Bauteil mit der Modell-Nummer 1817 ist für eine WLAN-Übertragung mit bis zu 5Ghz Geschwindigkeit ausgelegt und könnte für die Xbox One X bestimmt sein.
Die Xbox One X scheint Stück für Stück fertiggestellt zu werden – und mit etwas Glück lüftet Microsoft auf der Gamescom im August in Köln auch das Geheimnis um das Vorbesteller-Datum.

Xbox One X: Die wichtigsten Daten

12.06.2017, 14:56 Uhr
Microsoft hat auf der E3 die Microsoft Xbox One X präsentiert – ehemals bekannt als Project Scorpio. Viele Fakten zur Microsoft Nex-Gen-Konsole waren bereits im Vorfeld bekannt geworden und wurden seitens Microsoft jetzt bestätigt. Die wichtigsten Daten zur Xbox One X:
  • 8-Kern-AMD-Jaguar-Prozessor, der mit 2,3 GHz arbeitet.
  • Grafikchip mit 40 angepassten Recheneinheiten (Compute Units, CU), die 1.172 MHz Taktfrequenz erreichen.
  • Dies soll in 6 Teraflops Rechenleistung resultieren. Zum Vergleich: Der Vorgänger kommt auf 1,3 Teraflops – eine Steigerung von rund 362 Prozent.
  • Als Arbeitsspeicher kommen 12 GByte DDR5-RAM zum Einsatz, 4 GByte mehr als bei Xbox One und PS4.
  • Die Xbox One Scorpio hat ein Bluray-Laufwerk für Ultra-HD-Discs
Die Xbox One X wird somit als erste Konsole überhaupt Spiele in nativem 4K darstellen können. Microsofts neue Konsole wird zum Start 499 US-Dollar (vermutlich auch 499 Euro) kosten und erscheint am 7. November 2017.
Eine komplett neue Konsole ist die Xbox One X aber nicht, sondern vollständig kompatibel mit den Vorgängern: Alle Spiele für Xbox One und One S laufen auch auf der X, umgekehrt sollen alle neueren Titel weiter auch auf One und One S laufen.
Bei älteren Spielen profitieren Käufer der One X unter anderem von kürzeren Ladezeiten, einige ausgewählte Titel wie “Minecraft” will Microsoft per kostenlosem Update außerdem fit für Ultra HD machen. Neuere Titel bringen die Unterstützung für Ultra HD oder 4K gleich mit – einen entsprechenden Fernseher vorausgesetzt. Dank dem sogenannten Supersampling soll die Xbox One X aber auch auf regulären Full-HD-Geräten schönere Bilder liefern können.

Xbox One X: Sie hat einen entscheidenden Haken

Xbox One X: Microsofts neue Konsole erscheint im November
Xbox One X: Microsofts neue Konsole erscheint im November (Bild: Microsoft)
Kritikpunkt Nummer 1: Microsoft äußerte sich überhaupt nicht zur Unterstützung virtueller Realität (VR) durch die neue Konsole. Zuvor war zumindest eine Anbindung für Microsofts Hololens von einigen Beobachtern erwartet worden. Dabei werden in sogenannter Mixed Reality virtuelle Objekte als Hologramme in die reale Umgebung eingeblendet. Da Microsoft Mixed Reality generell für die Windows-Plattform verfügbar machen will, dürfte sich aber eine mögliche Partnerschaft mit Oculus und dessen Rift-Headset für virtuelle Realität erledigt haben, schätzt der Analyst Piers Harding-Rolls von IHS.

Xbox Scorpio: Seitenhieb auf Sony

09.06.2017, 12:00 Uhr
Kurz vor der E3 hat Microsoft mehrere kurze Teaser zur Xbox Scorpio veröffentlicht. Echte In-Game-Szenen oder Bilder der Konsole gibt es leider keine. Dafür hat Microsoft die zwei kryptische Botschaften in den Videos versteckt, welche die findigen Redakteure von Windows Central entdeckt haben.
Stoppt man einen der Teaser bei Sekunde fünf, sieht man auf dem weißen Zelt am linken Rand die Aufschrift “6 > 4”. Hier wird auf die Rechenleistung der Scorpio angespielt, die rund sechs Teraflops betragen soll und die der Playstation Pro (vier Teraflops) klar übertrumpft. Ein eindeutiger Seitenhieb auf Sony.

Xbox Scorpio: Analysten rechnen mit Erfolg

Nachdem letzte Woche erste handfeste Specs zur Xbox Scorpio enthüllt wurden, steht fest: Der Konsolen-Kampf wird die kommenden Jahre spannender werden denn je. Mit Project Scorpio wird Microsoft eine Konsole an den Start schicken, die der Playstation Pro von Sony einiges voraus hat.
Die vielversprechenden Specs stecken auch die Analysten der Branche an. Sie trauen Microsoft mit der Xbox Scorpio den ganz großen Wurf zu. So glaubt Marktforscher Mat Piscatella laut, dass die Xbox Scorpio das Potential hat, die Xbox-Verkäufe in 2017 an der PlayStation 4 vorbeizuschieben. Wichtig sei nach Piscatella die Akzeptanz der Konsole unter den Core-Gamern. Nur bei entsprechender Beliebtheit in dieser Nische würde die Scorpio auch auf dem Massenmarkt akzeptiert werden.

Microsoft mostra alinhamento de lançamento da Xbox One X – IGN Portugal

A próxima consola da família Xbox, a One X, chega já no início do próximo mês, com a garantia da Microsoft de que se trata da maios poderosa consola dedicada da história.

Claro que o poder bruto, embora seja importante para muitos, especialmente para os estúdios de produção, não é o elemento central que costuma definir o sucesso de uma consola, o mais importante, são mesmo os jogos.

O catálogo de lançamento da Xbox One X é particularmente rico, afinal trata-se de um novo membro da família Xbox One, aproveitando toda a biblioteca desenvolvida desde 2013, mas para os jogadores terem uma ideia das novidades que terão real impacto durante os primeiros tempos da X, em especial no que diz respeito à utilização do 4k, a Microsoft preparou um vídeo especial que salienta as principais armas ao dispor da consola no seu começo de vida:

“Continua a tua aventura com o nosso maior e mais diverso alinhamento de jogos. #XboxOne

Aníbal Gonçalves é um entusiasta de videojogos, amante de comics e obcecado pelo que acontece numa galáxia muito distante. Podes segui-lo em @Darthyo

Xbox One X Is “Not For Everybody,” Says Phil Spencer – GameSpot

In just a few weeks, Microsoft will launch a new console in the form of the Xbox One X. A more powerful version of the Xbox One, the system arrives on November 7, priced at $500 in the United States. While Microsoft of course expects it to sell well (the pre-orders are apparently strong already), Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now reiterated that the lower-cost Xbox One S model will remain Microsoft’s best-selling console this generation.

“Xbox One S will be the market leader for us. It’s the more affordable console. It plays all the same games,” Spencer told us at the Brazil Game Show. “It will be the console that sells.”

The Xbox One X, meanwhile, is aimed at players who are looking for the “very best experience” with a home console. Even if you don’t have a 4K TV, you’ll still see the benefits of the console’s increased horsepower and more, Spencer pointed out. But similar to the Xbox One Elite controller, the Xbox One X won’t be for everyone. It’s all about giving players choice; if they want to spend more for a high-end experience, they can. This has been the setup on PC basically since the start, and now consoles are catching up, starting last year with the PS4 Pro and now the Xbox One X.

“Whether you’re on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV, you’re going to have a great experience. But it’s not for everybody. It’s like when we built the Xbox One Elite controller, we didn’t try to say to everybody, ‘If you need an extra controller, go buy the Elite controller.’ We sold a ton of those controllers. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there’s also people where gaming is their number one hobby.

“Their number one form of entertainment, and we want to give them the very best experience. I’ve played games in true 4K with HDR, and they look fantastic. But it doesn’t mean everybody has to do that. So we’re giving gamers a choice. Whether we’ve pushed the innovation too far? It’s hard to do that with gamers. I guess we’ll see; I feel very confident in the product we have coming to market.”

Are you going to pick up an Xbox One X next month? Let us know in the comments below! And for lots more on our conversation with Spencer, see the stories linked below.

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Microsoft antyder bättre bakåtkompatibilitet till Xbox One X – Gamereactor Sverige

Som du såklart redan vet går det att spela en hel uppsjö av Xbox 360-spel på Xbox One tack vare dess bakåtkompatibilitet, och snart läggs dessutom original-Xbox till i listan. Att även Xbox One X skulle stödja detta har varit känt, men att döma utifrån en kommentar från Xbox-chefen Phil Spencer – så tycks det bli något extra jämfört med vad vanliga Xbox One erbjuder:

“There’s some stuff we’re going to talk about in that space in terms of how compatibility’s going to work on [Xbox One] X specifically that I think people will find pretty interesting.”

En rimlig gissning är såklart att det handlar om bättre bilduppdatering och/eller upplösning. Vad tror du om detta?